How to create an aesthetic YouTube intro background

If you're reading this, you've probably noticed that a lot of social media content creators have some cool intro backgrounds for their videos. This gives their YouTube channel a professional look and makes each video immediately recognizable.

A beautiful animated intro background reinforces personal and corporate branding. You can obviously find templates online for cool intro backgrounds, or some aesthetic outro backgrounds. These templates are great, but not very customizable. So today we'll go a step further to show you how to create your own aesthetic YouTube intro background, and personalize your channel. We'll use your color palette, your fonts, and your images, to make it truly yours.

How to create aesthetic background for intro

You can use Jitter to make your own aesthetic YouTube intro background. It's super easy and will take you less than 10 minutes:

  1. Choose a template with 16:9 size (1920 × 1080px is classic for YouTube)
  2. Customize the template (colors, fonts, stickers, etc.)
  3. Export as a video with 1080p resolution
  4. Add the intro as the first scene (or last scene for an outro) to your YouTube video using software like iMovie
  5. Upload to YouTube
It is also quite common to position your YouTube channel intro after about 45s of your content (video / animated intro/video continues). This allows you to dive directly into the topic of your video before introducing your channel's identity.

Why you need a cool intro background

Engage your audience with a dynamic, aesthetic intro

The first seconds of any video on social media are decisive to retain the attention of the viewer and give them a feeling of the content they're about to watch. When you create a cool intro background, aligned with your creative universe and channel identity, you engage your audience instantly. Once you have a few videos featuring this new aesthetic YouTube intro background, your identity will become more and more familiar to your audience, making them "at ease" on your channel and more likely to come back. Of course, an intro background is not the secret sauce to a successful YouTube channel – the quality of your content will always come first, but it can help give it a professional and engaging look.

Give consistency to your YouTube channel

Using your own graphic identity with consistent fonts, color palette, lighting, and music is super important to make your audience familiar with your channel's universe. A personalized, aesthetic YouTube intro background serves the same purpose.

On your YouTube page, your video preview thumbnails will also showcase a consistent identity, making your home more beautiful. If you create content about multiple topics, you can use the same background with different colors from your palette for each topic. That way, your audience will automatically know what series they're watching.

You can see an example of this use case on Jitter's YouTube channel, where you'll find useful tutorials to help you get started with motion design.

This is also true for outro background!

Closing a video with a cool outro background is recommended to leave a good impression on your audience. Instead of finishing abruptly your content, an outro reinforces your channel's brand: you can show your logo again, your identity, and use music or audio content to wrap up the watching experience. This can also encourage your viewers to watch related content by pointing them in the right direction.

We've already seen how to create your own intro background. For an outro, simply follow the same steps!

What makes a background aesthetic

Animated content is eye-catching

You're a video content creator, having a static intro is not an option! Introducing your videos with animated content is more eye-catching for your viewers, that's a trend you'll notice everywhere on social media (Instagram stories, crazy aesthetic youtube intro background, facebook ads,...).

Static and animated "Subscribe" button for your channel: which one do you think has a better click-through rate?

Look at some inspiration for images, fonts, and colors choices

Below you'll find some templates ready to customize and export from Jitter. For the templates you find the most aesthetic, try to understand what makes them stand out: is it the graphic choices? the animation rhythm? the fonts and the way text appears and disappears (known as “motion design”)?

These choices are personal branding choices. Here are some places where you can find inspiration online:

  • Look at other YouTube channels you enjoy
  • Search 'YouTube intro background' on Pinterest
  • Look into Jitter's template gallery
  • Check the "Youtube intro" category on Dribbble for professional designers' inspiration

Aesthetic intro template

Attract more viewers and subscribers with an impressive YouTube Intro video. Easily customize these free templates to fit any kind of video or topic.

Soft intro backgrounds

Welcome your viewers gently with a smooth transition and a very cute and aesthetic intro background. You can start with one of the templates below, created by professional motion designers.

Fast intro backgrounds

Looking for a fast, dynamic intro for your content? We've got you covered with a selection of short beautiful backgrounds, directly with the 16:9 classic YouTube ratio (1920 x 1080px).

Pink intro backgrounds

With Jitter you can very easily change the color of any intro background template you start with. Simply duplicate the template to your account, open the Design editor, and change the colors.

If you're specifically looking for a pink intro background, here are some cute templates you can look into:

Aesthetic outro background

All the benefits of creating a consistent experience for users with an aesthetic YouTube intro background are also true for outro scenes. Most of the templates created for intro backgrounds work nicely for outro backgrounds as well.

We also have a few templates specifically designed for outro backgrounds. You can edit them directly in Jitter.


How long should a Youtube intro be?

Keep it short! A YouTube intro should be less than 10 seconds – best within 5 seconds. Viewers' attention tends to decline with intros longer than 10s.

Can I add audio to my intro?

Yes, you can add your own audio file to your intro, either directly in Jitter or in your favorite video editing software.

Can I customize my intro background?

The role of your video intro is to make your channel stand out. So yes, customize it! Otherwise, all content creators will end up with similar-looking intros. Jitter is a very easy tool to edit your intro with your personal fonts, images, colors, length, stickers, and so on.

How do you make an intro for YouTube?

Jitter is the easiest and quickest way to create an animated intro that is truly yours: you can start from a template, customize it to your liking, replace text and media, and export the video. It takes less than 3 mins before you can share if with your audience. Alternatively, you can create it from scratch and make it truly unique.

What should I put in my YouTube intro?

The goal is to have a clear way to identify your channel: intros usually include the title of your channel, your name, branded elements like your colors and your logo, animations to make it more engaging, and some music.

Do YouTubers need intros?

Yes, absolutely! Having an intro for your YouTube channel is a must-have since it makes your channel immediately recognizable, it shows you are dedicated to it, and it's a great way to introduce your brand. If your current intro does not answer these 3 things, it's probably time to make a new one.